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Address data

Campsite Petrushoeve
Heidenheimseweg 3
5954PB Beesel
Phone number: +3177 474 1984

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Directions tips

Please note: Some Sat Nav systems do not indicate the correct route.

We therefore advise to follow the sign on the motorway.
From motorway A73 you take exit no. 18 (Beesel).
Subsequently follow the signs “Petrushoeve”.
From the main road N271, follow the signs “Petrushoeve”.


If you come from the direction of Eindhoven, ignore possible Sat Nav instructions and do not take exit 38 (Helden/Panningen). If you do, you will have to take your camping gear on the ferry. It’s better to continue up to Venlo and then take the A73 in the direction of Roermond and Maastricht.