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Cycling routes Petrushoeve

Based on the network, we have sorted out some 6 cycle routes around the Petrushoeve.
With a total of 264 kilometres, these routes give a fine impression of the varied surroundings.
Numbers 1-4 are in The Netherlands (the flat part of Limburg) and number 5 and 6 take you across the German border (a short climb takes you to the slightly hilly German landscape).

Cycle network in the North and Middle of Limburg

Right on our doorstep you will find the cycle network in the North and Middle of Limburg.
The flat landscape invites you to go out for a ride. The clear indication system offers plenty of possibilities for you as a cyclist.
On both sides of the Maas there is a cycle network with over 1,300 kilometres of cycling routes. Small ferries will take you across the river and the major part of the routes is car-free.
The cycle network map is sold at the reception.

One of our English guests (Mr. Peter Parfitt) made a beautiful film (Cycling in The Netherlands – Brilliant) about cycling in the Netherlands.


Cycle network Germany   

The German cycle network (800 metres from the Petrushoeve) perfectly integrates with the Dutch network. The nearby Brachter Wald and Elmpter Wald can therefore easily be reached from where we are.
Both the Dutch and German networks are on the maps, which are available at the reception.


Former ammunition depot Brachter Wald

The nature reserve Brachter Wald is right behind the Petrushoeve. This nature reserve is truly exceptional. Until 1996 the Brachter Wald (the woods near Bracht) being in use as an ammunition depot for the British forces, was hermetically closed. Within the 18 kilometre fenced area, heather moorland developed over the past decades.
You will find approximately 30 kilometres of hiking and cycling routes. The entrance closest to the Petrushoeve is “Ingang Kahlberg’sche Heide” at about 4 kilometres.