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Walking routes Petrushoeve

Based on the hiking network, we have made 8 walking routes around the Petrushoeve.
With a total of 65,3 kilometres, these routes give a fine impression of the varied surroundings.
Numbers 1 to 6 and 8 start directly from the campsite. Route 7 starts at the markt in Beesel.

Hiking networks municipality of Beesel

Right on our doorstep you will find the hiking network of the municipality of Beesel.
The hiking network consists of over 95 kilometres of two-sided marked hiking trails. Using the map you can plan your route via approximately 125 junctions in the field.
We can provide you with a map.


Water Wander World               

In the close vicinity of the Petrushoeve there are nine hiking routes of Water Wander World.
The unique and divers flora and fauna are fascinating throughout the year. A continuous variation of water, meadows, woods and heather moorland and rare wildlife and plants.
We provide the routes or you can download them from our Water Wander World website.


Former ammunition depot Brachter Wald

The nature reserve Brachter Wald is right behind the Petrushoeve. This nature reserve is truly exceptional. Until 1996 the Brachter Wald (the woods near Bracht) being in use as an ammunition depot for the British forces, was hermetically closed. Within the 18 kilometre fenced area, heather moorland developed over the past decades.
You will find approximately 30 kilometres of hiking and cycling routes. The entrance closest to the Petrushoeve is “Ingang Kahlberg’sche Heide” at about 4 kilometres.



The Pieterpad from Pieterburen in Groningen to the Saint-Pietersberg near Maastricht runs only 800 metres away from our estate. This path has a total length of 492 kilometres.